WTH is Personal Branding Photography, anyway?

If you are anything like me, you have worked your bum off to get your business off your ground. Blood, sweat, and tears seem a bit dramatic, but the reality is that it's not an exaggeration. You know the feeling, the hairs sticking up on the back of your neck when you are so close to furthering your entrepreneurship badassery!

You feel like an octopus because at the beginning, you're the head of marketing, sales, client support, and you do it all, baby! I get it; you want to control! I've been there, but trying to do it all is like riding the highway to burnout city! Unless your name is Cuca Gómez (she really did, do it all!) or DIY Pete (just made him up, but I swear he exists!), hire a professional! Especially when it comes to your branding photography. 


Make Sure your Efforts are Reflecting in your Personal Branding Photography and Imagery

I know I sound a bit dramatic, but my point is that as Entrepreneurs: we are hard workers! We don't give up easily, especially when we work towards something that we believe will make a difference in the world and maybe even make the world a bit better for someone else. After all the hard work in building a brand, building a business, discovering your WHY...  It would be a huge step back to have imagery that does not represent you in the absolute best light. In fact, it would be like starting over… after all that work.

Breast X-Ray Specialist Dr. Mayra Maldonado thought she might need just a couple of portraits but then she realized there is so much to say to her client and so many different ways to say it!

The Importance of Branding Photography

Branding photography is essential. And unless you work for Apple promoting their latest iPhone with its bad-ass camera, then selfies with your phone can only get you so far. And honestly, that says that you're not willing to invest in your future. I'm going to lay it out bare here: Headshots and professional images are HELLA Important! #truth. And this from someone who is addicted to doing selfies!

You might have a half/decent selfie as your LinkedIn profile pic, but to be honest, that is to your complete detriment. Think of what it says: I care so much about my brand that I took this selfie myself instead of hiring a professional that knows what they're doing, that studied lighting, and how to best get photos out of people who 1. Hate having their photo taken, and 2. Don't know the first thing about how to act in front of the camera.

Well, the good news is, with a true professional, you don't have to know how to pose, and you could be the most awkward person according to yourself, and we will make you look good!

Didi is not only a badass hairstylist, she does amazing makeup too and has GREAT style. She is also one of our Makeup/Hair artists at Foto Atelier & San Juan Boudoir

Professional images for your brand

Let's say you're a home chef and you have a garden in your back yard that you use for your recipes. Or maybe you're a fitness and weight-loss coach that really wants to help your clients get to their goals with your amazing system that works every time! No matter your business, you have to showcase not only you as the face of your brand but also what you do to help improve other's lives.

Showcase a Bit More than Just a Headshot

This is why a collection of images, not just a headshot,  is the best strategy to put your company's and your best face forward. Having high-quality imagery throughout your social media separates you from the crowd of attention seekers and really puts you above the rest. It's one of the most underused weapons in an Entrepreneur's and many professional's arsenals.


Your company is a human (i.e., You are your company)

I know the idea of putting your face out there can be extremely intimidating, but the reality is that consumers are more likely to interact with and trust a company more if they can see the people behind the brand. And trust is harder and harder to earn and come by lately.

This is why if you don't like any of your images from your session with Foto Atelier, you don't have any obligation to buy any of them. ZERO, ZILCH, NADA. We stand by what we produce for our clients. Coming up with great ideas on how we can make you and your brand succeed drives us! We showcase you, your products, your team, and what you do in the best possible way for success.

Luxury - one of a kind accessory designer Rosabel Paraliticci trusted us with her beautiful bags to make a campagin, product and portraits for her brand.

Create a stunning first impression (i.e.,STOP that scrolling tout suite!)

There are so many images, products, and cute cat videos (well, not enough of those, actually) that compete in stopping you mid-feed/story/post in social media that people's attention and eyes are compromised. Only eye-catching imagery makes people stop on their tracks and try to find out more. Unless you're already very successful in social media and have a huge following, the next best way to find your potential client is through eye-catching, feed-stopping imagery.

If a badly lit/out of focus, grainy photo is your profile picture, then you got a problem that we can solve. Ready to impress? Schedule a phone call with Ivonne so we can start planning your session!


The Right Branding Photography will get you noticed by the right people: i.e., Your ideal clients!

According to Hubspot, Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those without. And guess what, videos are even more powerful when it comes to making a potential client stop their feed!

Curious to know a client's take on our services? Check out the testimonial video below!

Don't get us wrong, what you say matters too, but no question having a great set of photos is a very powerful tool in kicking ass and taking names in the business.


You can use your personal branding photos everywhere.

Branding photos are absolutely an investment. The truth is if you want to make the big bucks, you do have to spend some moolah. And if they are done right, they are definitely worth it!  The variety of mediums and forms these photos come in handy, from your website and social media to paid advertising and email newsletters to billboards (Oh My!). The possibilities are endless. Having a collection of professionally done photographs is like having the perfect weapon in your marketing arsenal and show potential and current clients just how much you care about your image and what you put out there.

So don't wait! Get in touch with us to see if we're the right fit for your company! 

WTH is Personal Branding Photography, anyway?

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