The Importance of a Professionally Shot Business Portrait

A Professional Portrait can be Indispensable

Like with many things in life, professional portraits are one of the most indispensable things of adulthood that most people seem to neglect completely. With an ever-growing competitive job field, it pays to have details aside from your education or work experience that make you stand out.

Your Favorite Selfie is not the best option for your Professional Portrait and Linkedin Profile

Now, you may ask why go to the trouble of having your portrait taken when you can easily upload to LinkedIn that one selfie you liked out of the thousand selfies you took?  Allow us to state our case:

Professional Portraits will show others how Seriously You Take Your Career

Having a professionally photographed avatar on networking platforms and social media profiles (which hiring managers always take a look at) conveys character, experience and an all around go-getter attitude that is sure to get hiring managers to notice you. More so, having a professional group of photos will show that you take your career seriously and are, in fact, professional yourself.

Polished professionally retouched image

Professional retouching - Having your portrait professionally retouched will make sure you look rounded and polished. We’re not talking of altering any of your features, more like making sure there are no weird shadows, stray hairs or distracting features taking away the focus from you. And yes, we can at your request, minimize some of those pesky lines. Don’t worry; your secret is safe with us. 😉

Are you thinking of having your portrait taken?

Contact us! Let us help you make the very best first impression with a professional image or branding portfolio.

Why choose Foto Atelier for your Professional Business Portrait?


1. Hassle Free Portrait Shoot

We’ll help you plan the overall feel of your portrait- Weather you’re an executive business person or a creative weirdo, an experienced photographer will work with you to make sure every element of your shoot elevates your persona.

2. We'll Make You Feel Comfortable and Relaxed

Our studio is "tu casa"-  At Foto Atelier you’ll feel as comfortable as if taking portraits was an everyday thing for you. Being relaxed and at ease will guarantee the end results will be as authentic as you.

3. Our Professionals will put your best Face Forward

We are a boutique portrait experience for a good reason. We have a beauty profesh on hand! When it comes to making portraits, we say come as you are! Nonetheless, our Makeup and Hair specialist is here to help you (literally) put your best face forward.

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Boutique Portrait Experience Photo Studio in sunny Puerto Rico

Boutique Portrait Experience Photo Studio in sunny Puerto Rico