5 Tips For A Flawless Selfie

Hey girl!

You want to learn some awesome tips for getting perfect selfies without breaking a sweat? Well, read on, sister! You have come to the right place to learn about these five easy selfie tips.

Tip #1 - Aziz, LIGHT! - The Fifth Element AKA Find the LIGHT…

I can’t emphasize this enough! Light is your friend, and the right soft light is your freaking BFF!!!  So always look for the most amazing light that will make your eyes light up (like, literally) and smize like a Top Model! (love you, Tyra!)

Unless you have absolutely flawless skin (and who really does nowadays anyway!? (definitely not I!) the most forgiving light is very soft or reflected light. So if you want to do a selfie in the middle of the day, find the shade. Nothing is worse than that harsh light on most skin.

If you are inside, I highly recommend finding some nice, soft window light. You really can’t go wrong. If you want to play with light, find a pattern of light and shadow to make a very interesting selfie!

If you want to play around, use candlelight, which will give you a romantic glow. Or try a neon light for a fun multi-color effect!

Also, when it comes to the camera flash, just don’t! Unless you want to look like a deer in the headlights or a mugshot, then just don’t, urrkay?


Tip #2 - Keep the makeup natural.

If you really want a flawless looking “I woke up just like this” selfie, then the no-makeup, makeup look is the way to go. We’re not saying NOT to use makeup! The most important thing is to accentuate the eyes since they are the windows to your soul and also the very first thing people notice in a photo. Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for the more elaborate makeup look, but we’re talking FLAWLESS here! Like, I’m just naturally this gorgeous! Who me? Yes, YOU! So, if you find the urge to do a super contoured, highlighted look, just wait till you get my fun, creative selfie tips! You will LOVE!

Tip #3 - Angles are EVERYTHING for this selfie tip

Depending on the shape of your face is where you will place the camera. For very thin faces, it is recommended straight on. More round faces should have the camera a bit above the eye line because, honestly, no one wants to look up your nose, and most importantly, there is nothing more angelic than eyes that are looking UP! This is an essential trick if you happen to have a little extra chin and you want your eyes to look HUGE! Which, HELLOooo, who doesn’t!? If you ever see a sister taking a selfie from below, please do her a solid and share this blog post with her! These selfie tips will change her game!


Tip #4 - Find a simple background.

If you really want to shine in your selfie, the simpler the background, the better. Find a background that will make you pop instead of making you compete with whatever is behind you. Photo bombers are everywhere! Also, finding something that contrasts with your skin is always a good idea; that way, you pop out even more and don’t look washed out or as part of the background. Happy background hunting! You got this!

Headshots and Branding

Tip #5 - Use Portrait Mode for this selfie tip

If you have an iPhone, and even if you don’t, there is a way to shoot a photo on most modern phones that will blur the background. On an iPhone, this is called the Portrait Mode. That setting makes whatever is behind you beautifully blur around you in Bokeh, which is basically creamy background goodness that makes YOU stand out!

With these five selfie tips, you will be well on your way to creating some flawless selfies like a Pro! Become the selfie envy of your friends!

With these five tips, you will be a Selfie Master in no time! You will be the selfie pro you always dreamed of being!

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